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The Armenian Soccer internet portal is glad to present Marcos Pineiro Pizzelli. The player of FC Pyunik and the Armenian National Team tells his story in an exclusive interview on

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Armenian Soccer: First of all, congratulations on the win against FC Banants!

Marcos: The game against FC Banants was really worthy of a final, especially as the game resolved at the last second. This proves that the Armenian championship is each time becoming more qualified.

AS: Could you please tell us where you from are in Brazil? When and where have you begun to play football?

M: I was born in Piracicada (the State of São Paulo). However, I grew up and lived until now in Leme (the State of São Paulo). I have started to play in juvenile teams of Lemense FC, the club of my town. There I played since 7 till 16.

AS: In what clubs had you played before coming to Armenia?

M: Lemense FC, Gurani FC, São Carlos FC.

AS: How it had happened that you had got an offer from FC Ararat? Was it not a surprise for you?

M: Yes, it was a big surprise. I was then only 20 and just starting my career in Brazil. The offer came from an Armenian ex-footballer (Arkady Andreassian), who was in Brazil at the time to watch my club’s game. He invited me to become part of FC Ararat.

AS: Did you know anything about Armenia or Armenians at the time?

M: Very little, just that it was a country newly established due to collapse of the Soviet Union.

AS: And why had you decided to accept the offer?

M: Because it is Europe where I would be able to build up a solid career.

AS: What was your impression when you first came to Armenia?

M: A country that is completely different. Different people dressed up differently. But the hardest thing was the cold. I shall confess that until now I have still not accustomed to Armenian winters.

AS: How the first months in FC Ararat and Armenia had passed? Did you have communication and adaptation problems?

M: There were many difficulties because I was far from home. There was a Brazilian guy who helped me with the language. The playing was difficult since I could not communicate with other players, as well as the playing tactics were much different. That is why the first months were quite complicated.

AS: Now do you speak Armenian well? Do you feel yourself integrated?

M: I speak basics, but I feel myself completely integrated in any place I go because I understand practically everything. Now here it is more comfortable and easy for me since I can communicate and express myself.

express myself.

AS: You played in AS Ararat Issy in France. What can you tell us about that club? Is it a serious project?

M: I was quite welcome at the club, but professionally this club lacks many things, such as the training center and professionals to make the rise to the big leagues of France possible in the future.

AS: Did the naturalization offer make you think much or you had already liked the idea?

M: I had not thought much because I have been very happy to represent Armenia and also of that my performance on the pitch has been recognized in Armenia.

AS: What do people in Brazil think of footballers such as Eduardo and yourself, who are naturalized in othercountries?

M: Generally, they do support. There are thousands of players in Brazil and, sometimes, players like me, Eduardo and many others end up having opportunities outside of Brazil. That is why people in Brazil always support footballers naturalized in other countries.

AS: What was your family’s reaction to your decision to become an “Armenian”?

M: At first they were happy and supportive when I became an Armenian. And now, I believe, they are proud of me being able to help Armenian National team.

AS: Everyone saw your way of celebration after scoring against Andorra. What does it mean for you to play on the Armenian National squad?

M: It means that people who never knew me believed in me and gave me an opportunity to become an Armenian. This makes me feel like a legitimate Armenian. That is why it was a natural reaction because I already feel myself like an Armenian.

AS: Please give a definition to Armenian football, especially comparatively to Brazilian football.

M: They are different tactically and physically. Here in Armenia physical strength and velocities prevail, whereas more technical Brazilian football turns out to be more tactical and ball possessive.

AS: Do you have a favorite club in Brazil? In other countries?

M: Corinthians SC. Since childhood I have always watched their games and really supported them. In other countries I have always liked Liverpool FC.

AS: Is there a European championship you would like to move to in the future?

M: English Premier League.

AS: Do you have real offers from foreign clubs?

M: None that I know. For the time being I want to help FC Pyunik win the championship. After that I am going to think about those things.

AS: Can you please tell us about your family? What we know that you are married…

M: Yes, I am married. She is a very important person in my life in Armenia. As to my family, we are five people, my parents and my two brothers who I miss a lot when I am here.

AS: Does your wife always stay with you in Yerevan?

M: Yes, she always stays with me in Yerevan.

AS: How is the living in Yerevan for a Brazilian?

M: I am adapted for life in Yerevan principally because it is safe to go out with my wife, dine in restaurants. I adore going out in summer but almost all the time in winter I stay at home with my wife and my dog. In Brazil I generally like going out to relax on the beaches.

AS: OK, thank you for the interview and we hope for one more at the end of the season.

M: It will be a pleasure. Hugs to all.


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