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Next year Euro-2021 in one country?

Michał Listkiewicz

Michał Listkiewicz, a chief of Armenian referees, said for Polish TV channel Polsat that according to his knowledge the next year European championship “could be held in one country instead of twelve”.

He declared: — In my opinion this formula with twelve countries has been already buried. It is impossible or very, very scarce to keep it next year. To be honest such idea was a bit strange from the early beginning. Maybe very noble and beauty, but not realistic.
According to that, Listkiewicz does not believe that UEFA will be able to keep such formula next year. He added:
— Maybe the tournament would be only in a few cities or even in one country? You should have a look on Romania. This country officially withdrew Bucharest as a host city even before UEFA declaration that European championship will be in 2020 or next year.


Dariusz Kurowski from Warszawa

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